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Bugfixes on my own?

Guest Ryje

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Hey there i have a short question.

When i will fix the quest "Rite of Vision ( QuestID= 772)" The wolf has no waypoints so it still stands in front of the trible fire. i think the most of you know the quest bug. okay now i started to add the waypoints for the wolf and the wolf go to the point he should go, BUT when he is there he goes to the first point again -.- .

Can some one of the better c++-programmer tell me where to add this that when the vision get the last waypoint he disapper. or can i handle it over db or sd2?

thx and greetings Ryje

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sorry for that really late reply. but i have to say thank you anyway.

i will test that thing and i hope it will work. im not an c++ pro but i understand a bit so maybe i can fix it.

thx a lot. when i need help again i will post again ;)

greetings Ryje

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