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No in hostile zone

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How can I control the power of all my Gm?

exemple: Level3.cpp

I want that a Gm can't to use .flymode in a hostile area ( yes in contested ) and in combat. How can I modify "bool ChatHandler::HandleFlyModeCommand(const char* args)" ?

I tried to insert this code but it doesn't work....

Player* targetPlayer = getSelectedPlayer();

Player* myself = m_session->GetPlayer();

AreaTableEntry struttura_mioteam; // Crea una struttura

AreaTableEntry *puntatore_mioteam = &struttura_mioteam;

uint32 mioteam = puntatore_mioteam->team;

if( myself->isInCombat()|| myself->pvpInfo.inHostileArea && !(mioteam == AREATEAM_NONE) && !(myself->isGameMaster()) )


SendSysMessage("You can't if you are in PvP, in a Hostile zone, or if you are in combat!");

return false;



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