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[patch][7369] Remove ReqSourceRef in quest_template

Guest NoFantasy

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Feature/adjustment: remove quest_template.ReqSourceRefN, adjust behavior of ReqSourceCountN

Revision: patch created with revision 7302(Master)

Author: NoFantasy

Info: ReqSourceRef is considered to be obsolete. No examples can be found where ReqSourceId must be related to a specific quest objective. Instead, the ReqSourceId are related to quest status. Data also suggest ReqSourceId must be filled, even when no ReqItemId or ReqCreatureOrGoId exist as objectives.

Simple version: if quest objective == QUEST_STATUS_INCOMPLETE then ReqSourceId are allowed to drop. In other cases, they are not (yes, bugs did indeed exist in earlier client versions where item dropped after, but this seem to be fixed in later versions).

About new way of dealing with ReqSourceCount: Apart from the condition above, it also seem to be needless to define a amount of items that are allowed to drop. Instead, the amount allowed to drop can be determined by using item_template.maxcount/item_template.stackable.

Example for this can be quest entry11523 where you need 4x item entry 34338 (this item are expected to be ReqSourceId). This item has maxcount==4, which will then be our limit. Player will never get this item in loot if he already has 4x. In case player complete the quest by using the 4x items, quest will change status and then item can no longer drop.

For cases where item are not "unique", we allow items to drop, but use stackable as the limit.

I have not been able to 100% determine if there are cases where item can drop _more_ than maxcount/stackable, that is the reason i've chosen to keep ReqSourceCount. This will also allow us to make custom data (normal case will in other words be ReqSourceCount=0).

Patch too long to use code tags:


ALTER TABLE quest_template
 DROP COLUMN ReqSourceRef1,
 DROP COLUMN ReqSourceRef2,
 DROP COLUMN ReqSourceRef3,
 DROP COLUMN ReqSourceRef4;

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