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pet react on offi servers?


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Hey guys,

trying to work a bit at the basic pet reactions on mangos. The most things are clear to me. What I'm not sure about is how stopping the pet to attack works on official servers. On mangos this can be done only by clicking "Follow" (except makros, of course). I saw a movie on youtube ahere this was done by clicking "PetPassive" (while it was already in passive mode). Maybe anybody has some facts or can investigate that in detail (if you have an account).

Especially interesting are for example what happens if the pat is attacking while in defensive mode and than you switch to passive. Will it stop the attack in this case. Same e.g. for pet in stay mode and attacking a mob you comand to follow. Will it stop to attack than or will this only make the pet follow you after the fight is over? There are many combinations :lol:

Would be nice if anybody could share his/her experience here.


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