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[fix][7416] display minimap-icon after bg-queue join

Guest balrok

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feature of this patch:

if you enqueue for a battleground, the minimap-icon for horde was allways the arena-icon

this patch displays now the faction-icon

bugthread: none

author: balrok

through this patch "israted" and "team" aren't needed for the function anymore, so i removed them

also i added m_starttime in battleground::update() which is needed for GetStarttime, and which is often used for the battlegroundstatuspacket (but as the packet is right, i think the client wont display the starttime correctly - maybe the packet order somewhere is wrong)

my patch can be found here:


downloadlink for patch: http://mangos-files.eu/patches/bgqueueicon.patch

also additional an unk discovered:

can be merged into this patch too

diff --git a/src/game/BattleGroundMgr.cpp b/src/game/BattleGroundMgr.cpp

index 0f91408..d390afd 100644

--- a/src/game/BattleGroundMgr.cpp

+++ b/src/game/BattleGroundMgr.cpp

@@ -1177,7 +1177,7 @@ void BattleGroundMgr::BuildBattleGroundStatusPacket(WorldPacket *data, BattleGro

*data << uint32(QueueSlot); // queue id (0...2) - player can be in 3 queues in time

// uint64 in client

*data << uint64( uint64(arenatype ? arenatype : bg->GetArenaType()) | (uint64(0x0D) << 8) | (uint64(bg->GetTypeID()) << 16) | (uint64(0x1F90) << 48) );

- *data << uint32(0); // unknown

+ *data << uint32(bg->GetInstanceID());

// alliance/horde for BG and skirmish/rated for Arenas

*data << uint8(bg->isArena() ? ( israted ? israted : bg->isRated() ) : bg->GetTeamIndexByTeamId(team));

/* *data << uint8(arenatype ? arenatype : bg->GetArenaType()); // team type (0=BG, 2=2x2, 3=3x3, 5=5x5), for arenas // NOT PROPER VALUE IF ARE

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