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Could A Dev. Update Core To Use Correct Debug Dll?

Guest SWGuard

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Not a pressing issue but rather a small request. MaNGOS for some reason requires the Visual Studio 2003

debug runtime msvcr71d.dll.

I saw a few old threads about this from last year but it still hasn't been updated. Since we're now into VS 2008,

would it be possible for someone to update the core to use the newer debug dll? I'm not really sure which part

is asking for this DLL or I'd fix it myself :)

I had a hard time finding msvcr71.dll online and even though I found it, I was reluctant to download a DLL from

a source I don't know.


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To be honest, the thing that annoys me the most is that Microsoft doesn't even offer this

DLL for download. I wouldn't care so much if I knew I was getting the DLL from a 'trusted'


I have a copy of VS 2003 retail but I can't install it alongside VS 2008 since according to MS

they're not compatible. I suppose I could stop being lazy and search the CD for the DLL :)

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