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  1. The bosses Attumen, Maiden of Virtue, The Curator and Nightbane are not taunt immune. I verified this ingame as well as in the database. I attached a patch that should fix the issue, though I did not yet have the time to try it myself. 0001-Make-Karazhan-bosses-taunt-immune.patch
  2. NemesisFS

    Curator spawn flood

    Hi, I want to set up a Server on whcih I want to be able to clear Karazhan (on TBC). I tried it this evening and there appear to be a few bugs. One of which, is the Curator having a 'spawn flood' of Astral Flares when reaching the first Evocation phase. I had a look at the code, and there is already a comment about this issue: (link) It looks to me, like the check in line 169 does not return true, such that the boss will spawn one flare every second. (I am not sure how the small delay would prevent this behavior in any case, maybe the aura does not get applied immediatly?) Now I don't know how to proceed debugging this issue. Can you maybe give me some hints? Best, NemesisFS EDIT: I debugged the issue a bit, and it seems like the aura is present only for one check/a small period of time after evocation is cast. The next call to UpdateAI passes the check, spawns another Flare and casts evocation again. I tried checking out the Spell.dbc file but I couldn't find tooling to view them (for linux). Is there a specific reason for using a file instead of a database table? The data in the .dbcs looks appears to be already in a table format. Using a database would simplify accessing the data. I don't really think though that the error is in the .dbc files as they are extracted from the client. On the other hand, the Spell ID is referenced neither in the server nor in the database.

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