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  1. Re: [Two] Glowing Hands Question Maybe this will help: [url]https://github.com/ProjectSilverpine/server/commit/f45849913c7cb8d89aede353b1d47f3e5cc7d7ec[/url] ? EDIT: I don't know if it's a "good" fix though.
  2. The IRC appears to be down. Anyone else having problems?
  3. Another source of information is: http://www.joanasworld.com/azeroth.php Those are the famous Joana Leveling Videos where he hits server first Lvl. 60. I've found numerous gossip texts in those videos that are missing in mangos-zero. The problem is that I haven't found the correct text IDs for these and as far as I'm aware those can only be obtained from the WDB files?
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