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  1. Its an old one but you try to get some ideas how to setup: https://github.com/ike3/mangosbot-docs.: + try: https://github.com/Lidocian/Ikebotui/tree/1.12
  2. @MindmasterChoose reward: "r [itemlink]" Try control them with addon: https://github.com/Lidocian/Ikebotui/tree/1.12?files=1 Guide: http://ike3.github.io/mangosbot-docs/
  3. it seems i have a working version of Mangosone+Ike3's bots (ported from zero) but it need more love to be in a shareable status. in the future i will rework the strategies and trying to gather all update in to an organized repo.
  4. I succesfully ported and builded but it crashing randomly. Im try to find and solve the problem.
  5. If i remeber correctly the "stats" issue has been repaired.....Try the bots from the authors updated bot repo from https://github.com/ike3/mangosbot-zero It has some nice update. Or https://github.com/conan513/mangosbot-zero its more updated and has some custom upgrade. you can try ikebotui addon to control bots. It has a menu with a lot of orders (not all) .
  6. Lidocain


  7. i working on it too (Ike3's mangoszero version). Cleaned out most of the wotlk spells from strategies and added some missing spells: mortal strike,revenge,judgement,seal of the crusader,arcane explosion,enrage,berserker stance,barkskin etc.. + added stealth before combat to rogue,prowl to cat druid, also tried to update strategies (vanilla rotations to classes except healers) with partial succes.. added some new trigger too.. so if it helps take a look https://github.com/Lidocian/mangosbot-zero. pls not flame, i just started to learn c++ and english autodidact. + LF
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