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  1. Is there a reason the Git address for the mangosThree database is saying it is invalid? I use the command "git clone http://git.com/mangosThree/database.git dbThree --recursive --depth=1 and I get fatal: http://git.com/mangosThree/database.git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository? I am rapidly losing hope that this system is going to function all in one day as so many have claimed. I am have been working on this for days. Please let me know if there is something I am going wrong before I just chuck it all in the trash
  2. Ok, great job on getting three back to the extraction point, but still having issues. I get MMaps and VMaps but no Maps or DBC folders to continue. I have deleted all of the folders and reps and restarted because I figured it was best to start with fresh pull. SO am curious as to next step. Was compiled in Release mode. I put all of the individual files as requested in the tools folder and then copied the tools content to the root of the 4.3.4 client folder. Ran the shell script from there and got the results I noted. Love the work you have all done and am looking forward to the next ste
  3. Yeah am noticing that. I am getting the compile, 29 completes, 5 fails and 2 skips and when I look in the Tools folder in the Release is empty. But I have the install pattern down. Will keep checking in to see when it gets fixed. Thanks Everyone!
  4. Not feeling bad, just going to go elsewhere if I cannot use it. I have liked this system, but it it will not work it will not work. Is there a step by step like in the old days without the Easybuild tool?
  5. I have tried repeatedly to use Easybuild on serverFour. Still does not include the tool in the win directory but was given it to copy over. However, every time I check using the tool it says under Required sub modules at the bottom, it is missing Deps, Eluna, Unified Extractio0n Tools. All of the software has installed without errors, including the 2008 distributable which I added for another program. This is a new build pc using Win 7 64-bit ultimate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shiva
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