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  1. MaNGOLin has been discontinued see website for reasons. If a moderator could please close this thread as I can't seem to find that option probably because its been stickied that would be great. Regards Bannor
  2. @Agency MaNGOLin is not GUI restarter im afraid, it is purely administration of the server and its associated databases. @Championwxd As for Cmangos support basically what Antz said, I already support 3 different releases of MaNGOs im afraid I cant handle anymore at the present time. Regards Bannor
  3. A very good suggestion @shenron . I am busy at the moment with another piece of software im developing. As soon as I get some free time I will take a look at the logistics of implementing this, although im not sure when that will be. I have been considering implementing something quest modification related for sometime and this would fit the bill quite nicely. Cheers Bannor
  4. New release V2.02 is up see website for details. Cheers Bannor
  5. New release V2.01 is up see website for details, this one fixes your problem Rottstein. Their will be another minor update soonish to fix some leftover localisation string issues as I missed putting some entries into the language files, but I thought I would get this release out fairly rapidly since it prevented login, must be the first person i've come across in all my years of coding MaNGOLin that doesn't use a scriptdev database But the bug report was welcome all the same wish more folk would report bugs. Cheers Bannor
  6. I will look into the gmail problem, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will also take a look, at using a blank entry for scriptdev2, for the moment just create an empty scriptdev2 database and add an entry in to MaNGOLin for it which should allow you to login. If I get time tomorrow I will fix this and get a new version out. Cheers Bannor Update: I have white listed gmail.com as an approved free email provider so you should be able to use it on my website now, spamassasin has it listed for blocking by default so the white listing should allow it through now. Please note that under the Support heading on my website you can find Contact Us and report any registration issues via that mechanism as it does not block and you don't have to be registered to use it.
  7. New release V2.00 is out, see website for details. It has some nice improvements such as support for MaNGOS Zero, and One as well as the original Two support. Multiple server configurations. More themes. Cheers Bannor
  8. New release V1.07a is out, see website for details. Cheers Bannor
  9. I had multiple server support planned for the now canned MaNGOLin 2.xx but unlike the localisation stuff which I had actual concrete working code done, I had not started the multiple server code so their was nothing to backport. The plan was to have server profiles which you could select at login then the character and account panels would not have to change. And you are right about the info_realmdb its a copy&paste error I forgot to change I'll fix it for the next version. PS: If you could send me any file changes you make I can put them into MaNGOLin permanently, contact me through private and just copy and paste the file contents into the message field. Cheers Bannor
  10. New version of MaNGOLin released V1.07. For those who are interested in modifying language files, the instructions on how to are also up on the website. Dont forget to send me copies of the files you modify if you want to see them permanently incorporated into MaNGOLin. Cheers Bannor
  11. @Svarr it is possible but not easy at the moment but it will be very soon, just discovered another bug and will be fixing it today so when im doing that I will also make it possible to the change out or add in new language files manually by adding them to a folder. So a new version of a MaNGOLin will be out tomorrow which you will be able to add in the localisation file yourself very easily and thus test it , I will supply some instructions to you. The other change I may make is make the language selectable, at the moment it is automatic and checks your PC's localisation setting but I will probably add an option to override it in MaNGOLin's preferences. Cheers Bannor
  12. On a development note, folks may not be aware that I did some localisation work for the now canned MaNGOLin 2.xx This localisation work was backported to MaNGOLin 1.06 onwards so their is now foreign language support capability, at the moment I have only support for English (GB) and English (US) implemented. I would like to include support for French, German and Spanish but since im Scottish and crap at languages I would need some folks to do some translation work for me. To get an idea of what would be involved you can take a look at this file http://www.dazzleships.net/localisation.txt it is in a simple "key=description" format and each description would need to be changed to its foreign equivalent. So if anyone is interested in doing this for me please let me know either here in this thread or via the Contact Us on my website. Cheers Bannor
  13. A new version V1.06g is now available on the website, see site for changes.
  14. Well its open source (GPL2) right now, all the source code including the library source is shipped in with the binaries so folks are welcome to do their own version. Although I do understand the point regarding collaboration and putting it on Github would aid that so i will consider it. As to WoW popularity, I think my major problem with it came with the changes that came with WOTLK, I was perfectly happy with what they had on Classic and TBC. Bit like how Sony killed managed to kill Star Wars Galaxies with the Combat Upgrade which sucked big time and I and pretty much my entire guild dropped out there and then, why cant they just leave the game mechanics well alone and just add content I dont know. The other major problem with WoW is the dated graphics with Elder Scrolls Online just around the corner I think Blizzard are going to start to feel the heat. How about MaNGOs for ESO Im also contemplating getting involved with SWGEmu as I miss that game, it was fun.
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