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  1. Editted : Did a new git pull, all seems to be ok now.
  2. On further inspection of the .sql files i think they contain errors: For example: The character database: In the characterLoadDB.sql, a table db_version is created. In the character update sql, in the Character\updates\Rel21\Rel20_toBaseRel21_Updates\21000_00_Release_021_initial.sql : -- Update db_version to set the latest release ALTER TABLE character_db_version CHANGE COLUMN `required_20001_02_dbdocs_Update` `required_21000_00_Release_021_Initial` bit; Shouldn't that be db_version instead of character_db_version (<- this table does not exist in the character1 database)
  3. Thank you antz, For niw i'm trying to install the database manually, so far so good i think, i only get an error that the database is not up to date, i need to install the DB updates, i found them in the updates folder. There are multiple folders Rel18,Rel 19 ... Rel 21 (lat one), do i need to run them all or is just running the last one Rel21 sufficient.
  4. Ah the error message is not for a batch file but for a label in the batch file, something must be incorrect in the InstallDatabases.bat
  5. Hi, Trying to install mangosone now and i have the same issues when i try to install the database in Debian (like i had on zero: No prob i thought i'll do the same fix like i did on zero and install the database on my windows machine first ... but now i get errors. The character1 and mango1 installs fine, the problem is when the script wants to install the realmd database, i get this error: The system cannot find the batch label specified - RealmDB4 Indeed this batch file seems to be missiing (from the repro). The database was downloaded like the wiki says : git clone https://github.com/mangosone/database.git database --recursive
  6. The package is installed but i still keep the same error message, so not installable under the latest Debian. How i fixed it: i installed the database on my windows machine (no errors running the installdatabase on windows), once installed i transferred it to the linux machine, all is working well. The thing is i'm installing mangosone now and have the same error again in Debian, Problem is the mangosone windows install also gives errors, i will make a new thread for mangosone on this one.
  7. Hi there, Discovered this site and want to say awsome work on the servers. Currently running zero. My plans are to expand zero with new quests & npc (i'm a game modder and backend web application developper in RL) so eventually i would like to add custom maps to so a lot to learn. My First project is to write my own backend system for mangos (php/mysql).
  8. Can i ask something else ? what does RP and RPPVP do ? IO know it's roleplay probably, but what doe that change ingame ?
  9. Oh completely ignored to look into those files, i was looking in the database. Thank you very much madmax.
  10. I've searched the site but could not find the info. I have a server running, in the realmslist it show up as PVP, how do we change the server to PVE?
  11. Hello again, Got the compilation to work, the problem i have if when i start the extraction tool. so i copied the contents of the tools to the client root, i start extractresources.sh, choose all and then these are the errors i get: Mon Jan 16 00:38:12 CET 2017: (Re)created map 47 ./MoveMapGen.sh: 172: ./MoveMapGen.sh: ./movemap-generator: Permission denied EDITED : Oh man i feel such a noob, was indeed a permission issue, stupid me ... sigh 1 am here been on it for 4 hours now lol ...
  12. Hi, MAnages to compile the server. Started the database installation script. Press N After entering Mysql Port, when i press enter (where you should enter the database user name), i immediately get an error and no chance to fll in the DB user password. What is your MySQL password ? [], InstallDatabases.sh: line 315: mysql_config_editor: command not found Os is Debian 8.6
  13. Hi, I tried the installation (Mangos ZERO) following the wiki and your tut but i'm getting errors that i can not figure out unfortunately ...

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