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  1. Repins920

    mangos zero Mangoszero build

    yes you are correct it's the easy builder. I was in the middle of a conversation when i was writing this sorry. But did the easy builder get removed?
  2. I notice that some things are getting update but when I went and grab the version 21 of mangoszero server (no AI BOTS, Aug 2015) i noticed that the easy installer wasn't there. I do recall that last time i got it the installer was there. is this an oversight on my part?
  3. I like the idea of using option 1 and it sounds easier once i think about it as the ID's are already there. Thanks Antz for getting back to me so quickly
  4. Hello there first off let me say thank you to all that have put in many hours into making Mangoszero. outstanding job!!! I have spent many hours surfing the net and forums for information or tools on how to create custom dungeons and items, and in my findings so far I have concluded that I need map cords ( some which I have but have yet to test) and unused ID's for weapons, gear, etc. So my question is this: do anyone know or have anything that can help me in this area? I am currently using Rev 21 of Mangoszero on a Win 7 server. Without the custom content everything works just great and I haven't found any issues yet. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

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