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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, necro! Haven't forgotten about this...I am updating and re-verifying later tonight. I also dug into the code and discovered something that might have been coloring my tests. It appears that the rank of your stealth skill factors into the math. Hence a l20 rogue sneaking around a l20 mob will have a harder time than a l60 rogue sneaking around a l60 mob. I suspect that because I spent so much time as a l60 rogue in vanilla, I had forgotten that was hard to be sneaky with only 1 rank of stealth. However, I will be rechecking everything to be sure.
  2. Thanks Max, I appreciate it. Further experimentation with a stealthed ferral drood (~l23) with hostile mobs of equal level shows the same sort of behavior. Two things I noticed here: 1) approaching from behind works as designed. A stationary mob can be approached w/o detection to attack/pickpocket range. It is only when you are in the mobs forward field of view that they detect you at range and aggro. 2) During none of these tests was I able to get a mob to go into the 'I am suspicious' animation where they halt pathing and turn to face the (almost) detected player. In each case
  3. I was fooling around with a mangos zero server today, and I had a l5 rogue in the starting zone stealthing around. I found that l3 hostile mobs would consistently spot me and attack, often when facing away from me. Now, vanilla WoW was many years ago, but I played a lot of vanilla wow as a rogue, and I never recall having under level mobs spot me so quickly and at range before. It was very difficult to get off a backstab w/o provoking an attack. My question to anyone reading is: Has anyone noticed stealth mechanics feeling a little off? I don't know if I am looking at a bug, or just a poo
  4. Ok, I have everything fixed and running. I will now be power leveling to 60 for the next three months, see you then... Just kidding. There were several minor problems going on that I had to correct. But before I go any further, I'd like to say thanks to people for the assistance in getting things rolling. 1) The first thing I'd like to work on is writing up some really good documentation so that anyone with an internet connection can fire up a server in a few minutes. The existing documentation is functional, but I think we can improve upon it. I think I have a basic grasp of a lot o
  5. I believe it is, as i just put the files in the root of the wow directory as per the instructions. I also thought that was odd that it had no reported version. When I get home in a couple of hours, I will double check that aspect of the process to make sure I didn't miss anything and fire you a zipped copy of the exe.
  6. Thanks h0zen for the suggestion. I reinstalled cmake and now it works, although I am still stuck on getting vmaps extracted. I went back and after running cmake, and re-did all the steps prior to running the ExtractResources.sh just to make sure that running cmake vs. easybuild doesn't change anything. I ended up with the same results. My wow client was installed off the cd and patched to 1.12.1, so I don't think there is anything odd there. I checked the log files generated by ExtractResources.sh, and they are pretty much saying the same thing as I see in the UI screen shot I posted
  7. I went back and switched everything possible to 64 bit, completely reinstalling MySql. I fired up easybuild and it reported a green flag for 64 bit, and I created a release build. When I ran Cmake, I got a variation of the same problem, basically a message that indicated it couldn't locate MySql. It also listed that it though it was working on a 32 bit environment, which is odd. I am running 64 bit win7, 64 bit mysql, etc. So, I dug up the article that you wrote back on December 16th (guideswindows/installing-mangos-on-windows-using-easybuild-r20064/), where you bypass some of the steps b
  8. Ok, I'll go back and make sure that everything lines up with 32 bit or 64 bit. I thought I read in one of the instruction pages that there were some problems with 64 bit stability. Is that still the case? I didn't go straight 64 bit throughout because of that.
  9. I was working on building various projects with cmake, and I got an error that seems to be saying that I am missing some files. I thought I had installed everything listed in the posted mysql installation instructions. Is there something I missed? (See attached screenshots) Windows/vs2015 Enterprise/mysql(x32)/openssl(x32)/openssl(x64)/mangoszero(r21)/git
  10. Ah got it. I found the right people then, I just want to work on a project that shares code with everyone.
  11. That is an interesting bug. When I was raiding back in vanilla, I was the most technical person in the guild, so I got the job of getting all the combat logs from MC consolidated and uploaded to the website at the time that showed graphs of the various fights. It was a real pain in the ass, because there was a max radius that combat logs were generated for. In early instances that were big, it was possible to be too far from people in the raid and miss their activities. (It sucked) I wished the WoW devs would have written the server to send the logs of everyone in the instance, and not in
  12. Cool, I will ping you guys via voice chat in a day or two. I need to get everything set up and configured so I have a dev platform that compiles and all. I am impressed with the code base so far, it seems pretty clean and organized. I look forward to digging in to this, I have been telling friends for the last decade that this sort of thing would be AWESOME. One thing I am a little confused about, is some of the groups involved in private server dev efforts. I just discovered the community, and I was doing some reading about it. Is the Mangos project connected with Nostralia/Nostalrius, E
  13. Hi Guys, I am absolutely delighted to have just discovered this community. I was a hardcore raider in vanilla wow so many years ago, and I loved the challenge of vanilla wow and early BC content. WoW started going downhill for me right about the time they started nerfing content right at the end of BC. Each year it keeps getting more and more watered down, to the point that there is no real challenge or thrill for accomplishing something challenging. Classic WoW delivered on that in an amazing way, as anyone who was on team speak the first time their guild killed Rag can attest
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