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  1. Frozenn

    mangos two Website

    Hmm, appreciate for your help, but one question, does website files are the same with any other version of mangos? Example, Mangos Two website will be used on Mangos Zero or Vice Versa. Im done everything with src's and files. I may try to look for website then explore the game, but for newbie like me, I need to start from mangoszero. I setup Mangos Zero and Mangos Two, does port conflict with it? Different database, mangos0, mangos2, realmd, realmd2, character0, character2. Something like that.
  2. Frozenn

    mangos two Website

    Is there any website available for download here in site? I can't seem to find it, also if I search through google some files are dead and some files are no database. Thank you. MangosZero / MangosTwo.
  3. Frozenn

    mangos zero Acceptor

    /Closed Thread. /Fixed.
  4. Frozenn

    mangos zero Acceptor

    Hi, I am having error about "Failed to open acceptor, check if the port is free" "Failed to start network" Some other error are from DB, like 'creature'. What port is this? Where do I find this acceptor? Hope you can help me Thank you very much.
  5. Frozenn

    mangos zero Client?

    Where can I download client mangoszero ? I think Im lost with the site or couldn't find it. Thank you for your assistance.
  6. Frozenn


    Thank you mate.
  7. Frozenn


    Hi, Im Frozenn, I hope we all be friends. Cheers.

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