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  1. Okay so i am new to the mangos community, Honestly i really want a MOP LAN server. But, i cant seem to find enough use-able information to understand how to compile and build without using easybuild and the ready to compiled directorys. but, in my quest for current playable, database ect... i am fairly competent at getting git repository's and starting to understand database editing but... none the less... I have been trying one by one recompiling and recompiling. So far... i have successfully gotten all 3 different database compiles to work for approximately one night. turn the computers off, wake up go to work, come home boot everything up and... sometimes it will work for the first login of the day.. sometimes not. it doesnt matter which version/client combo i have been using it hangs at retrieving characters. sometimes after a 20+ minute wait it will load the toons but hang on loading into the server for another hour... the ip's are routed to my local ip. databases and sql installed with mangos (Zero,One,Two all seprately) It seems like if i make NO modifications to the files delete the databases and reinstall then copy and past the old account and toon information into the new database i get one more use. then the problem rinses and is an issue again. Is anyone else having this problem? With logging on i'm still not receiving errors it all says "success" for the connections, accounts and, ip checksums ect... It doesn't seem to matter if i am using a 64x or 32bit. i seem to encounter the same problem. Any advice or a reference to a more technical guide that might help me to understand the problem?
  2. how do i go about making sure the account data is synced? had no issues yesterday. finally turned the server on today after work and no luck/love to be found... same problem hanging on the character reciving list dialog... kinda frustrated idk what i could be doing wrong at this point... it was working.. I turned all the loggings on and im not seeing any errors in any of the logs.. maybe im missing somthing simple?
  3. Okay so an update. I reinstalled the Whole computer and then 32bit versions of all the software involved. At first i was receiving the same results... i inserted "ScriptDev3DatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;mangos0"" line that wasn't present into the conf file. Then followed @Talendrys's advise. Once i turned on logging for the file... we have been able to login and play. I still don't understand what the issue was or how it was prevented But, It is Currently working!! I am a little apprehensive to change the server name or anything like that in-case it causes problems. Ifs it is safe to edit the name on the database in sqlyog? or would i have to do somthing to keep the already made and working toons if i did that? Thankyou guys for your help
  4. i am doing a fresh install again, on a clean windows 1064 bit, i dont know how much of a difference it will make but, i dedicated a 200gig drive for the mangos server. i read a few more random internet articles and it sounded like wow was run on a 32bit server origionally so in hopes of making it simple i installed 32bit versions of all the software on a clean install following the guide once again. i am currently extracting resources from the wow client and when i get up in the morning.. i will try again. hopefully i will be able to report back good news, @Talendrys This is my first mangos/server build project and i am a little slow on understanding. are you refering to turning the 0's to 1's to enable logging in the file? @madmax Assuming i run into the same problem, open sqlyog find the realm entry and delete it? how do i manually add just the realm back? i apologize for my list of questions this is a learning process for me for sure
  5. I have been working for the last couple days on a Private server for my wife, friends and family. nothing too big just enough for 6 people. I followed the well written guide But, Altho I have followed step by step on a Clean Install of Windows 10 64bit. (I did find the wording on steps 18 & 19 to be a bit loose) I seem to have no trouble connecting to the server as far as the login server goes. then at realm select I see the server name (on both a GM and non Gm account on separate computers) Once I click into the char selection/creation section it hangs on connecting for upwards of 20 minutes on a gm account and about 5 mins on the other before disconnecting. I was able to create a toon on the gm account by loading into the server, canceling the load and canceling the realms list it then left me at a blank char creation page.. after making the toon (on the gm account) it shows it exists on server select but, not on connecting page where toon select would normally show your toons. I used the torrent provided by the forum for the client files. and the software provided in the GitHub repositorys I don't see any errors in my mangos app or log so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. any help would be apprecaited

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