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  1. I have been running my MangosTwo server for about a week or two now. All seems OK. I have not attempted to update it yet. I have been tweaking it since doing groups is not really a thing. One thing that is confusing is what ThreatRadius is for. ThreatRadius Radius for creature to evade after being pulled away from combat start point If ThreatRadius is less than creature aggro radius then aggro radius will be used Default: 100 yards I know what it says, but I don't really know what it means. Does that mean if a creature is feared it will evade for 10
  2. Well i got it to work. The torrent I used for the extractor had the wow.exe renamed, and I did not realize that. I spent forever figuring that out. Another stepping stone for me was that my debian distro did not come with aptitude, only apt-get; another small hurdle. The build script actually worked pretty well otherwise. But the biggest thing that helped me in getting this to work in Synology was deblian-chroot from the SynoCommunity group, builder of 3rd party packages for Synology. debian-chroot basically sets up a shell of a debian environment inside Synology. With that, i
  3. In this link that MadMax graciously posted for us, I think it should be noted that for the WotLK version (3.3.5a) the Launcher.exe and WoW.exe executables have been altered (Changed) by whomever sent that up to the interwebs. Also the WoW.exe is not recognizable by the mmaps vmaps, etc extractors when doing that portion of the build. the wow.exe has been renamed to game.exe.
  4. I think i know the answer to the en-GB issue but I still don't know if i can run two versions of realmd or mangosd to add user accounts? Is there any documentation? The wiki doesn't explain what the mangos command line is, so any help would be appreciated. EDIT: I have my answer for the mangos already running issue. I have opted to use screen to run mangosd and realmd. Hence I can just attach to it to use the commandline there. (I assume that's where it is).
  5. I think i ironed out all the bugs on my debian/synology build for MangosTwo. Now I want to confirm it works. I have a client that has a data\en-GB directory, with a realmlist.wtf inside. I hope that's ok, as I am U.S. bound. Should I change my SQL anywhere? But the prevailing question is: How to I add users? I found something that said. "From the mangos prompt, type ...."/ Is that the Two/bin/mangosd? If that's running in the background, do i kill it and run it manually. Or can I run a second process? OR is there another file I should be running
  6. Having a bit of trouble with my first build. I attempted to follow the ./getmangos.sh pathway to build and after I realized I needed to manually pull down the two MangosTwo git repos myself, due to a head issue(?) I thought I was on my way. I am ready to run the buildtools but the README states copy mmap-generator but there is no mmap-generator, I assume its movemap-generator? Also te istructuions stateto Copy the created map tools to the [World of Warcraft][1] installation directory, namely the tools named: `map-extractor` `vmap-extractor` `mmap-generator` Then copy `Ext
  7. Ok finished with : ../../dep/lualib/liblualib.a(loslib.c.o): In function `os_tmpname': loslib.c:(.text+0x29c): warning: the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp' [100%] Built target mangosd
  8. Ok that's what I was thinking.... to go with master. Thanks
  9. I am retrying now. The concern i found is the script selects Rel20_SpellRewrite for ./Server bit there is no Rel20_SpellRewrite for ./database so what do I do? Pull down Rel20_SpellRewrite for one and master for the other?
  10. Hello, not sure if this is for the mangostwo git repo or for the getmangos.sh script. Currently the build doesn't complete. I noticed the mangostwo\server tree is defaulting to Rel20_SpellRewrite and there is no Rel20_SpellRewrite tree on the mangostwo\database side.
  11. I have an OpenMediaVault VM as a tester for a new NAS build I've been working on. I currently have a Synology NAS which I want to eventually replace. I am running my build on the OMV VM right now (omv uses debian as a base), and would like to port it over to the Syno but I am really not sure it will work. We shall see
  12. Thanks. Last time I was building on a Windows Server, this time I am gonna see if i can get it working on a *nix NAS.
  13. Hi all. I have a Synology which I would like to install Mangos in that. Has there been anyone that was successful in doing this? It does have MariaDB added on, but I am unsure about the build process itself. If not perhaps I Can build it on another linux box and move over parts of it? I thought I'd rather ask now before I wasted too much of my time. Thanks
  14. Hello Everyone, Glad To Be Here. I used to fiddle around with mangos a while back, but got out of it. I'd like to start up again.
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