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  1. bookkc

    sendmail porblem

    okay 2018-06-12 15:41:00 lua_scripts\exhanger.lua:2: bad argument #4 to 'SendMail' (Player expected local function ChatSystem(event, player, msg, _, lang) SendMail( "subject", "this is from server", player:GetGUIDLow(), player:GetGUIDLow()) end RegisterPlayerEvent(18, ChatSystem) i have this lua_register(L, "SendMail", &LuaGlobalFunctions::SendMail); // SendMail(subject, text, receiverLowGUID[, sender, stationary, delay, itemEntry, itemAmount, itemEntry2, itemAmount2...]) - Sends a mail to player with lowguid. use nil to use default values on optional arguments. Sender is an optional player object. UNDOCUMENTED
  2. bookkc

    sendmail porblem

    2018-06-12 14:40:50 lua_scripts\exhanger.lua:2: bad argument #4 to 'SendMail' (Player expected) local function ChatSystem(event, player, msg, _, lang) SendMail( "subject", "this is from server", player:GetGUIDLow(), 0) end RegisterPlayerEvent(18, ChatSystem)
  3. Can i restart server by eluna??? i can not find anything in wiki, is it possible??
  4. bookkc

    sendmail porblem

    so, how to send mail from Server to player??? how i can get Low GUID of server ?? and etc?
  5. bookkc

    sendmail porblem

    i use old core, but its need to me... in this old eluna i dont have additem() but i need to get item to player, i think its possible by sendmail
  6. bookkc

    sendmail porblem

    like this ?? player:GetObjectGUID ???i nit understand
  7. bookkc

    sendmail porblem

    so, if i understand you, i need to get player object ??? how i can get a object???
  8. local function ChatSystem(event, player, msg, _, lang) local plll = player:GetName() local subject = "Hello" local text = "Hello" SendMail(subject, text, 18, plll, 62) print "aaaaaaaaaa" end RegisterPlayerEvent(18, ChatSystem) lua_scripts\exhanger.lua:7: bad argument #4 to 'SendMail' (Player expected) whats wrong? i give the player name...
  9. I need to clear all events game, creature, gossip, etc in all server, Can i use this http://www.elunaengine.com/Global/ClearMapEvents.html to clear in map all events???? or its possible ? and can you give me little example, please, i dont know how it use
  10. i make this local nearestPlayer = WorldObject:GetNearestPlayer(50) and have this calling 'GetNearestPlayer' on bad self (bad argument : WorldObject expected, got table)
  11. i find this http://www.elunaengine.com/WorldObject/GetNearestPlayer.html but can any give me little example how to check neatest player local nearestPlayer = WorldObject:GetNearestPlayer(50)
  12. Hey, can i remove auras for all player around me ??? its possible?? to check players around me with aura ??
  13. so i dont need to text from DB, can i write text in Eluna???
  14. How To write text to gossip menu, not link, simply text to gossip menu by eluna
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