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  1. I'm not a programmer and forgive me if this is in the wrong spot (forum wise) but suddenly getmangos.sh had stopped working for me. I've been building Mangos Zero over and over again trying to teach myself and it starting giving a an error at line 861 and not compiling. In that section line it calls CMAKE and at the end of the line (command? -- not a programmer) it had - DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$INSTPATH". That variable was the only one in the line with quotes so I removed them and now it builds on CENTOS 7. So this is just an fyi -- unless they are suppose to be there and then just ignore this post. =)
  2. To answer my own question: I fixed my lazy bots by reloading the default .conf file. I had tinkered with the first one and had broke my bots.
  3. I got the ai playerbot to compile and run. I've got random bots killing wolves everywhere =). How do I get them to follow me? I've tried to /whisper /say /party '.bot follow' 'bot follow' 'follow' 'die piggy die'. and nothing seems to work. They do accept the invite to my group and whisper hello. I'm in Mangos Zero.
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  5. I love you guys! (or girls) ;-) That worked. As near as I can tell Warden is an anti cheat software?
  6. I made an error in my post it's a Mangos Zero server not One
  7. Howdy, After two weeks and lots of heart ache I finally got a Mangos One server running on Ubuntu. I have no experience using Linux and enjoyed what I've learned so far. I'm connecting on LAN only and have 5 computers in the house. My Windows 10 box and a Windows Vista box will connect and play all day, however I have two other Windows 10 boxes that will connect for a few seconds -- allowing me to create a character and kill a rabbit or two before I get disconnected from the server. I'm at a loss at how to even start with this problem. Any help would be much obliged. I've tried disabling the Windows Firewall and that has no effect.
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