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  1. I mostly just threw this out as a "it's possible to do this if you need it" because I had done it for my own purposes (IRC bridge). I haven't touched it in months, mainly because I haven't had time and it works for what I needed it for. My suggestion is to just spin up a Linux VM (VirtualBox is free and works perfectly) and test it with that. That said, if you can't do that, feel free to shoot me what you have and I'll take a look when I can.
  2. Eluna IRC Bridge Have you ever wanted to bridge your in-game guild chat with an IRC channel? If so, you're in luck, because that's exactly what this script does. It allows your Eluna-enabled server to connect to a single IRC server, and bridge chat between specific channels and guild chats. PREREQUISITES: Your Eluna-enabled server must have LuaSocket support either compiled-in or available for dynamic loading. Instructions for that can be found here. You will also need to have LuaIRC installed in your Lua library path (NOT the script path) for Eluna. If your IRC server requ
  3. This isn't that trivial to implement. You would need to keep track of every PvP kill on your server made per player, possibly clearing their kill count if they kill someone else. Also, you may need to clear it out if that player logs out, or possibly keep a timestamp with each kill. It depends on what your definition of "in a row" means.
  4. Unless you've modified your core, the Eluna integration for Trinity doesn't yet fire the BG events. It that's what you meant by "implemented the OnBattlegroundEnd hook myself", so be it. When your code calls OnBGEnd, it should be passing the instance ID, and the winner as the last two params. The issue you're going to run into with winner is that Eluna defines that as a Team, when really (at least for Trinity), it should be a TeamId or a BattlegroundTeamId, as those map directly to Eluna's TeamId (Alliance = 0, Horde = 1, Neutral = 2). The Team enum defines Alliance as 469, and Horde as 67.
  5. I don't think you're going to see a more specific or straightforward error message than this, ever. It's telling you that the call to SendNotification on line 10 has a bad argument, that it is nil, when it expects a string. The argument there is the variable named 'message', which isn't defined anywhere in this script, hence the reason you're getting this error.
  6. xardion

    Lua problem

    I recommend checking out the Eluna API Documentation. Do a search for gossip, you'll find what you need. Pretty much all of your function calls are going to change, because Eluna is substantially different from arcemu's Lua engine.
  7. DISCLAIMER: For reasons of stability and security, adding socket support to the Eluna engine is not recommended. If that does not deter you, by all means proceed. This started for me when I wanted to set up an IRC bridge, but there are plenty of other reasons why you may want or need to open a socket in a Lua script. Obviously, just installing LuaSocket through the usual means (downloading the source & make install, luarocks, etc) isn't going to work because those approaches are intended for a system install of Lua. Eluna has its own built-in Lua engine, so LuaSocket has to be insta
  8. xardion


    I'd intended to use this instead: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/pull/19491 That isn't ready yet though, and I didn't feel like investing that much time into something that only a few people are going to use. There are also other scenarios where a small script would get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take to write it into the core, if only it could make an external connection. I understand the overall philosophy, it just feels like an arbitrary limitation, especially given the ubiquitous nature of the internet. I was surprised that Lua itself didn't already h
  9. xardion


    Why not? I've done it, and it's working just fine. Implemented an IRC bridge using LuaIRC with Eluna. There's some obvious caveats with how you have to implement something like this, due to ultimately synchronous nature of how the engine behaves if you aren't using events. Also, I probably wouldn't do this on a high pop server or with a chatty IRC channel. Luckily, I'm dealing with a single digit player base
  10. xardion


    So I figured out the cause, it was because I had added the libs to loadedlibs[] in linit.c, when I should have put them in preloadedlibs[]. Doing this also masked some annoying messages due to how Eluna autoloads, but those are essentially just noise.
  11. xardion


    So I'm trying to get LuaSocket (3.0rc1) working with Eluna (specifically ElunaTrinityWotlk), and I'm ALMOST there. I managed to get the luasocket core libraries compiled into lualib statically by dropping the luasocket c and header files right into dep/lualib (except for the wsocket files, I'm on linux), adding the pre-processor directives from the Makefile to dep/lualib/CMakeLists.txt, and modifying linit.c to require the mime.h & luasocket.h headers and adding the libs to loadedlibs[] in that file. After I got it compiled, I dropped the luasocket lua files into my server's bin/lua_scri
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