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  1. Thunderfury's skin isn't properly loading. Instead of a silver blade with detail, it is pitch black. Interesting to note that: 1) The skin is loading properly on the character model on the equip panel. 2) The skin is loading properly on the character model in the character selection screen.
  2. Keener

    Glossary of MaNGOS terminology

    Also, here is some information on tiles and stuff:
  3. Keener


    Hi hexsorceror! I recently shifted careers from a PhD student in Biology to a new CS student, and I'm also hoping to use MaNGOS to learn new skills and get a better understanding of an open-source project. You clearly have *far* more CS understanding than I do, but if you'd like to talk and maybe try to explore this behemoth together, I'd be open to that. My Skype is keener101x, and my discord is keener#5934.
  4. Keener

    Glossary of MaNGOS terminology

    I'd also really like something like this. I'd like to understand more and eventually start contributing, but it is hard to understand where exactly to start.
  5. Keener


  6. Keener

    Hello from idaho!

    Hello, I'm a new CS student that's looking for an open-source project to work on to learn new skills, and I'm glad I found this! If anyone has any recommendations for some good places to start, I'd really appreciate it. It might take me a week or two to implement a simple fix at first, but I'm really excited to learn and contribute. Cheers, Keener

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