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    Glossary of MaNGOS terminology

    In the past week, I have downloaded, built, and setup a stable server to mess around with, as well as browsing through the source code. My goal is to try to understand what MaNGOS is doing at a high-level before diving into the details, but this is proving rather difficult. I frequently find myself asking the question "What is an X?", where X could be a Grid, a Tile, a Cell, or any other type of thing. The wiki has been helpful to get an install up and running, but for trying to understand the problem domain it hasn't been quite as helpful. I also built the documentation with Doxygen, but it's really more documentation on the API rather than the conceptual aspects. Are there any resources that explain in detail what MaNGOS is doing at a conceptual level? Or would it be necessary to step through all the header files and try to piece it together through the various interfaces?
  2. hexsorcerer


    Hello MaNGOS Community, I am a former WoW player, having played from patch 1.6 until the very end of Cataclysm. I tried Mists and Legion for a short while each, but it just doesn't feel the same. I enjoyed playing classic WoW for a while after that, but the constant shutdowns and drama eventually killed my motivation, and I finally moved on. I recently completed a degree in Computer Science, and am now working on my Masters in Software Engineering. Oddly enough, I feel that I'm severely lacking in development experience, which is causing me problems with things such as internships. To solve this problem, I need to get some real world experience and some Github links I can add to my resume. I've always been interested in MaNGOS but never felt like my skills were up to par with what it would take to work with it. I am now trying to make a serious effort to understand the code base so I can start making some contributions. I also like the general attitude of the project here, and I feel this would be a good place to put my years of WoW experience to use in a way that would benefit the game more than just playing ever could. Thanks for all the years of effort to bring this project where it is today, and I look forward to working with all of you in the near future!

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