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  1. Unable to open Dead Tooth's Chest in Elwyn Forest. Got the three times and failed all three times
  2. While charging in Elwyn Forest at coordinates 25.9,81.1, fell through the world and had to be resurrected.
  3. Princess and her entourage do not patrol and are standing still. When princes is attacked, her entourage does not intervene. They ignore the attacker. In retail they all patrol together and fight together
  4. drew

    Greeting from Philadelphia

    mangos.conf in Elysium repack has an AHbot but not mount level option. I'll copy and paste and see what happens. Thank you. I'll start with the easy first. Will have to get more familiar with emulators. My coding is limited to Ada, awk, sed and some Perl. Nothing with SQL. Had C/C++ classes but since I don't use it daily, I don't remember much. I test avionics s/w so I have some understanding. Thanks again.
  5. Very casual WOW player. Don't raid or run dungeons. Prefer questing and crafting. Enjoy AH. Private server experience very recent, since August. Playing on Darrowshire and Frostgale. Intrigued by WOW emu and been doing some reading on mangos, cmangos, Trinity etc. Downloaded brotalnia's Elysium repack and been poking around. Would like to setup my own private server for personal use with some mods. Vanilla server but with mount at 20, kind of like wrath. A uniqe ram mount that climbs steep hills, am AH and player bots. Frostgale has an AH bot and I like it. This would be a "science project" and not a public server but would like to experiment with making it "public". Taking LabView now and working, project will have to wait untll Christmas. Looking forward to learning new stuff
  6. drew


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