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  1. SOLVED! I don't know what was wrong with the old code. My guess is that the NPC respawn code uses NPC location data loaded at initialization, so the NPC was respawning at the same location even though its location in the database was being changed correctly. What I did was: I replaced the code for the HandleNpcMoveCommand on CreatureCommand.cpp with one call for HandleNpcAddCommand and one call for HandleNpcDeleteCommand. I also modified HandleNpcAddCommand to add a copy of the NPC you're targeting in case you don't provide an input argument. This way a copy of the NPC gets added, th
  2. The ".npc move" command does not work. This has been the case for a few years already. What happens: the NPC just respawns at its original location. What should happen: the NPC should respawn exactly where the player is. How to reproduce: target any NPC and type .npc move as a GM character. UPDATE: upon further testing, I realized that the NPC is moved after the database is reloaded, which means the problem is with the respawn code, as DB-wise it works as it should. I will continue to investigate.
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