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  1. So the scripts are in the database? Also wouldnt it cause problems with certain doors being shut if i removed scripts to open them, like say you have to kill x enemies for a door to open or destroy x objects or have a certain item. Wouldnt that door stay shut then. Just wondering because in UBRS the door leading to BWL is shut and cant be clicked Also does .npc delete, delete every reference to that npc in the database, or just the one you have selected. Just curious, cause id like to rework BWL to just have the bosses and maybe a few mobs here and there. Also .npc Add does that just spawn
  2. ok, ill have to look in to the commands more indepth, if i can remove the scripting, besides the bosses attacks and such that will be fine for me. Thanks ill look in to it
  3. Damn, there is no way you know of for me to change it so it can be ran with 2 people, I wish mangos had commands to setspawns in game like EQ 1 emu does, like spawn a mob, move it set its spawn and it sets in the database. Looks like there is no point in my continuing since it was just for me and my fiance to play on.
  4. I can only get in as a GM, and inside the bosses atleast one ive seen is spawned, but, it doesnt drop loot ect..., is this a known issue or did I so something wrong? Molten Core seems to work fine.
  5. We need a way for us noobs to understand fields of the DBC files and some database fields as well. I know the wiki doesnt have much info. Also does anyone know how to make tools for item creation? I know a bit of programming not much but i may be able to cobble together some kind of tool to create items easy for vanilla, there used to be one where you could select icon, all buff types ect... and have it put the item in the database without any trouble at all, im talking back when mangos 1.12.1 was the main emulator and had lots of bugs. If anyone knows of any tools like that wants to develop
  6. wish this community was more active, if u need any help ask me,i dont check tooo often maybe 1-3 days or so, im very sick so im not doin much but layin in bed most of the time but i installed mine by myself even the guide forgets to mention running the SQL updates at the end of doing everything else, and which db to run em in, i ran mine in both mangos0 db and realmd database and it works fine now, also u need to change the port in the db from 347whatever to the 8050 in realmd i believe atleast i had to cuz i couldnt connect and i set it up according to guide
  7. an older new gay eh? So youre an older man who just came out of the closet, congratz here is your rainbow (nothing but joking fun intended) this place seems extremely dead tho could use a lot more new gays
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