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  1. So I tried having my friend connect with my Firewall off and he still can't connect.. Does anyone know the issue?
  2. I do indeed have this set to "" in my Mangosd.conf . I will try to have my friend connect without firewall on
  3. Ok so I could do that through Navicat which was WAY easier, which I did.. But now when my friend tries to connect, it just keeps sending him back to the realm screen.
  4. When I do that, when I run mangosd and realmd, they just crash.. ?
  5. As in database, you mean the "realmlist" file in Navicat? or am i just being stupid
  6. So I'm not sure if I understand.. Do I change the to my Hamachi address in both config files? When I do that, my server doesn't start up due to an error.
  7. Im doing this with Hamachi, do I need to portforward? If so, how do i do it
  8. So I am COMPLETELY new to this stuff, please be patient I might just be retarded. Btw idk what the fuck the prefix is, i just downloaded a mangos repack from some youtube video and now im trying to make a hamachi server. halp. So through HeidiSQL, i changed the realm ip to my hamachi one, right? so my friend connects through hamachi and all and when he tries to connect to the realm, it just returns him to the realm list screen. wadafuk mister? i looked up some stuff and apparently this is called a "realm loop"? can someone help? im on windows. i went to the realmd and mangosd files and changed the ips from to my hamachi IP and that just didnt let the server work (it said something about the computer not being able to access the MySQL server) pls help im stupid and i dont anything
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