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  1. Applied your fix, rebuilt the server and now it is working normally. Thanks.
  2. Bear Form not regening mana, may apply to dire bear as well. Please help! More feedback: Other forms (cat, travel) seem to not be affected. Further testing: Does gain mana with enrage just not without it.
  3. After some testing, I guess this applies only if you have the shadow weaving talent in the shadow tree. Basically a full rundown: 1) You have shadowguard active. 2) You have shadow weaving talent. 3) You cast heal on yourself. 4) You will get shadow vulnerability on yourself and take damage from shadowguard. Nothing after 3 should happen obviously.
  4. I personally wouldn't recommend this because if your Eluna script breaks potentially anyone could restart the server. Using Eluna for non-secure functions is probably OK. There are three ways already to do this: 1) Log a gm account into the game. 2) Connect via telnet to port 3443 (must be enabled in config, personally, I ssh to the server and then run telnet to localhost because telnet is not encrypted). 3) Do it through systemctl (linux) or manually from windows command line. (More reliable than any of the other methods in my experience. Sometimes .server restart doesn't always bring it back up.) Also, it's a matter of efficiency in that you are literally reinventing the wheel for very little payout. By the time you get through some other method of doing this you could have literally improved anything else with your server and your time would have been better spent there. Also, worth mentioning that DB queries through the Eluna interface create big performance hits. https://github.com/ElunaLuaEngine/Eluna/blob/master/docs/IMPL_DETAILS.md Pay attention to the part about DB queries and how Mangos does it - generally Mangos loads them all in at boot and never again. Repeatedly polling this or files is nearly the same complexity/performance hit and if something goes wrong with the polling process you will lock up the server most likely.
  5. Basically, I am trying to make a certain NPC cast a spell every X seconds in lua. It seems there are multiple ways to get this to happen, but the problem is that when it calls back to my function it won't know which creature initiated the event and there can be many of the same. So event if I do: -- casts the spell every 15 seconds up to 5 times cancel=creature:RegisterEvent(castspell,15000,5) How do I figure out which of the guys is casting it? (This is important because I would want to remove these events if the npc dies, and have the npc in particular cast the spell.) castspell would have to accept no variables as parameters, so is there a way to do this without the complexity?
  6. I can confirm that neither the Poison or Disease totem do anything but consume mana in Zero to this day. Just an example video here.
  7. The two quests in question are: The Dead Fields (killing a gnoll spawns Nightlash) and Verog the Dervish (killing random Kolkar in his command tent vicinity are supposed to summon him). I completely deleted the world database on my server and reinstalled them and that failed to resolve the issues. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Applied your fix, rebuilt the server and now it is working normally. Thanks.
  9. Bear Form not regening mana, may apply to dire bear as well. Please help! More feedback: Other forms (cat, travel) seem to not be affected. Further testing: Does gain mana with enrage just not without it.
  10. You'd have to update all the ports in the conf so they don't clash and rename all the db's before building each one except for the realmlist, am I correct? (This is a lot more work than the VM :D). Also, does anyone know if the database setup for realmd works with more than one ID? I'm sure it can read a list of many of them, but does the install script go "OK, there is one here so add one?" or does it mindlessly over-write the first ID?
  11. I don't think this would be possible unless you do something sophisticated because all WoW servers listen on the same ports and there is no way to tell the client to use another one. BUT, you could hack this... Run multiple instances in different virtual machines (product like vSphere, it's free) installed bare-metal and then assign different IP's to each virtual machine. This essentially means you run one server for each 'expansion' in VM and each has a different IP on its network card. Other than that, no way to do this because multiple mangos will eat each others databases, ports, characters, etc. I'm unsure of the account expansion setting as well, but I think it wouldn't work right either. (You could possibly hack and rename every single database, but it's actually easier to run them in the VM in the first place.) Ultimately it's probably best to run each as a self-contained VM that knows nothing about one another. This will take a lot of storage and RAM though, I'm just running 200 bots = 4gig ram and pegs a core on the processor. Just to sort of let you know what you're getting into.
  12. I can't seem to make them work (installed newest mangos) at all really. They will join my group and I can make them cast spells. 1) Pets don't work. Warlock/Hunter (sending them ~cast spell [pet link]) 2) Can't seem to figure out how to get them to turn in quests. (no idea what command makes them choose rewards, they will just keep whispering to me "choose reward [X]" So either they are broken or I have no idea what to type to them! Either way, any assistance would be great. :D I did look at the bot command list but they just start "talking" and don't seem to do anything. "~quest list" doesn't work, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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