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  1. jumpjet


    Frist Post updated.
  2. when creature casting ... if target on you , you move cast cansel and follow you creature id : 17767 spell id : 31258 should stay and load all of cast spell ! and player dont kick and pumel spell's this boss ! if warrior charge on boss dont cast cansel .. this happend on all of boss is true
  3. how i can create account gm level 4 ?? when set gmlevel 4 in consol >>>> (value) if set gm 4 in realmd account .. but gm level 3
  4. jumpjet


    All of this boss have problem . A - Serpentshrine cavern : 1.lady vashj : entry 21212 do not sheild and i cant use key on sheild generator .. and elementals move speed very fast 2.Leotheras the blind : entry 21215 after use Whirlwind stop attack ! 3.lurker all of phase buged ! B - Th eye : 1.Keal'thas Sunstrider : entery 19622 first start combat and kill thaladred the darkener : entry 20064 but dont continue phase .. should come Lord sanguinar : entry 20060 and next Grand Astromancer CApernian : entry 20062 and next masster enginner telonicus : entry 20063 after kill all guard spawn Legendary items for keal'thas fight ! after kill weapons Spawn all gaurnds together .. last phase Come boss Keal'thas Sunstrider : entery 19622 2.High astromancer Solarian : entry 18805 after spawn light and kill creature .. not summont priest !! should kill priest then boss visable and continue C - Black temple : 2:Reliquary of souls : entry 23418 after pass phase 1 .. dont start Phase 2 ! when pass phase 1 come phase 2 frist entry :23418 two : entry 23419 three : entry 23420 (should Between phases 120 sec stop Attack) C - Hyjal summit : 1:archimonde : entry 17968 frist combat cast spell Finger of death ! spell : 32111 when move target of boss cast on cast use this spell 32111 !! should not be this way D - Karazhan : 1: chess event : i cant start Event ! becuse not spawned starter npc : entry 16816 2:Prince malchezaar : entry 15690 dont spawn infernal On ground ...
  5. when start event (talk with lady jaina proudmoree) and kill boss one and two .. Part One hyjal summit :should be talk with Lady jaina proudmoore : entry 17772 and this npc teleport a way self and all of guards near 1 : summon mining stone in the way. 2 : summon infernal to Destroyed this zone in 10 sec 1 infernal and after 2 min all infernal death and dont spawn any more. Part two : talk with thrall : entry 17852 and start .. after kill boss three and four talk with thrall and teleport away self and gaurds near 1 :summon infernal to Destroyed this zone in 10 sec 1 infernal and after 2 min all infernal death and dont spawn any more 2 :after this summon last Boss ( Archimonde : entry 17968) 3:and Spawn mining Stone the way (You can not talk to thrall when you do not speak with Lady jaina proudmoore !! frist pass boss one and two after this you can speak with thrall) pls see this script . hyjal.rar
  6. is buged [Guardian's Alchemist Stone] dont mana use on player
  7. hi warlock summon spell buged. [Ritual of Summoning] when warlock summon spell casting on player .. automatic change target and summon any player :||||||

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