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  1. I posted in the other thread but my friends and I have a Mangos Zero server up and running and have been running in to the following issues: 1) client often crashes when trying to use a flight path with bots (note: only happens on linked flights, direct flights mostly seem okay) 2) bots won't rez if they die (which is fine since I can heal) 3) bot randomizer seems to mostly spawn ~150 level ones and ~50 correctly out of 200 4) bots aren't grinding or questing on their own, most are standing in fire after world is built 5) client will crash on need/greed rolls in dungeon, have to set to master loot which angers the bots Once we had the bots ready to go and the proper strategies set, rogue and melee bots were doing just fine. If anybody has any solves for these in the config files without needing a recompile, please let me know!
  2. Hi all - it looks like this post goes back a long way. What is the best bot to use right now for Mangos Zero? Ikes? We're using the bots included in the pack below, but struggled to get them to do anything in RFC last night. We only need 2 bots to do DPS (and ideally do mechanics when required). I could really use some advice as we are brand new to this stuff. Also - most every bot in our world is standing in fire, not grinding or questing.
  3. I have similar issues running Mangos Zero : https://www.getmangos.eu/downloads/file/4-mangos-zero-server/ Is there a way to make bots better or is there a different bot system to use?
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