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  1. Spell 8166 doesn't work but 8167 (passive) works right.
  2. Spell 8166 doesn't work but 8167 (passive) works right.
  3. OMG IT IS WORKING! Thank you man!
  4. Yeah. Please. I also noticed that accounts: ADMINISTRATOR / PLAYER / GAMEMASTER have encrypted password in lower case. That's why I think to make it in upper case isn't necessary. Thank you community for help! bd.php save_user.php reg.php testreg.php index.php
  5. As I understood variable password must have sha1 password AND account? I see and it seems crazy for me. How it works from my PHP: 1. { $sha_pass_hash = ($_POST['sha_pass_hash']); ------ we get password from user 2. $sha_pass_hash = sha1($sha_pass_hash); ------ we encrypt it 3. $sha_pass_hash = strtoupper($sha_pass_hash); ------ we make from encrypted password UPPER ENCRYPTED PASSWORD then we send this s*** to 'zero_realm.account' in 'password'. I tried to clear 's' and 'v' - it doesn't work anyway. Also I noticed the following field: failed_logins: 2 it sees that I try to connect but whyyyyy I can't UPD: I tried this: $password_string = sha1(strtoupper($username) . ':' . strtoupper($sha_pass_hash)) doesn't work too. I cry.
  6. nah my httpd log has just broken from errors
  7. +----------------------+ | Tables_in_zero_realm | +----------------------+ | account | | account_banned | | db_version | | ip_banned | | realmcharacters | | realmlist | | uptime | | warden_log | +----------------------+ My db has not 'account_access'. Is it okay?
  8. Sorry I don't understand these sentences. When I send data from WEB to DB I need clear 'v' and 's' fields?
  9. Yes I saw this topic and downloaded your page but it doesn't work. Are you sure that it works?
  10. Yeah it's working! Now new accounts from web are in uppercase letters in my db (screen). But even this solution doesn't allow login in game. The same mistake "The information you have entered is not valid". I really want to see SQL query when I type in console 'account create acc_name acc_pass'. Maybe this SQL query send data to several table instead 'account'? If somebody has simplest variant registration page - please send me. I just want to see how it works. Thank you community!
  11. I have already installed MaNGOS server and play with my friend (set realmlist mesa.su - welcome community!) No? Ahh yeah you don't have the accounts. It's a problem. I was finding the sites with registration page but what I found didn't work. I decided to write own registration page. Registration works but when I try to login in client it doesn't connect: "The information you have entered is not valid". !!! I THINK !!! this problem is the following: when I register an account from command line (MaNGOS) the recording looks like: username: TEST10 sha_pass_hash: 6319FD24CC984CD757EB93071EF2FF29017A4FF6 gmlevel: 0 sessionkey: 4DFF03B9E571EF76D6A21227A9672C923C87C0B0A132F2664F45372B293A0FA46A49ED41AC9FB5F9 v: 0B655652B5CBEE044CB63817DD60EDE208198130C50702E58CF84547E8F9C9AB s: A948FF9F8C80AB2E364D21DFC1182CE31631CDE7178B298D71E94096784DE559 email: NULL last_ip: BUT when some user register his account from web his recording looks like: username: test11 sha_pass_hash: 770543c1f51f7870cc35d30dc40d4fbab3aafec3 gmlevel: 0 sessionkey: NULL v: 6ACFDF814BBF30704B7D3B63DDCD93DC9C9CBB56D465EA16393178149C29E442 s: F2F582E6F1833D1EC6DFFD1711A63C69BA2B9F268BF46F59A63D748B6DAD6671 As you can see account 'TEST10' has 'username' and 'sha_pass_hash' in uppercase letters. 'test11' (reg from web) has the same columns in lower case. I also tried to create account from MySQL: INSERT INTO account (username,sha_pass_hash) VALUES('a1','a1'); - doesn't work because the column sha_pass_hash is not hashed. I also tried to find what happen in db where I write 'account create name password' from console I thought it can be useful but I found nothing. <?php if (isset($_POST['username'])) { $username = $_POST['username']; if ($username == '') { unset($username);} } //заносим введенный пользователем логин в переменную $login, если он пустой, то уничтожаем переменную if (isset($_POST['sha_pass_hash'])) { $sha_pass_hash=($_POST['sha_pass_hash']); if ($sha_pass_hash =='') { unset($sha_pass_hash);} } //заносим введенный пользователем пароль в переменную $password, если он пустой, то уничтожаем переменную if (empty($username) or empty($sha_pass_hash)) //если пользователь не ввел логин или пароль, то выдаем ошибку и останавливаем скрипт { exit ("Вы ввели не всю информацию, вернитесь назад и заполните все поля!"); } //если логин и пароль введены, то обрабатываем их, чтобы теги и скрипты не работали, мало ли что люди могут ввести $username = stripslashes($username); $username = htmlspecialchars($username); $sha_pass_hash = stripslashes($sha_pass_hash); $sha_pass_hash = htmlspecialchars($sha_pass_hash); //удаляем лишние пробелы $username = trim($username); $sha_pass_hash = trim($sha_pass_hash); // подключаемся к базе include ("bd.php");// файл bd.php должен быть в той же папке, что и все остальные, если это не так, то просто измените путь // проверка на существование пользователя с таким же логином $result = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM account WHERE username='$username'",$db); $myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result); if (!empty($myrow['id'])) { exit ("Извините, введённый вами логин уже зарегистрирован. Введите другой логин."); } // если такого нет, то сохраняем данные $result2 = mysql_query ("INSERT INTO account (username,sha_pass_hash) VALUES('$username',sha1('$sha_pass_hash'))"); // Проверяем, есть ли ошибки if ($result2=='TRUE') { echo "Вы успешно зарегистрированы! Теперь вы можете зайти на сайт. <a href='index.php'>Главная страница</a>"; } else { echo "Ошибка! Вы не зарегистрированы."; } ?> I also want to say that is my first practice with PHP. Maybe I don't see the obvious? Sorry for my English one more please
  12. CiJey49

    WoW path

    Thank you community! I have already installed ZERO version to my server. But I have some problems with accounts registration. I will create one more topic for this trouble.
  13. Собственно сабж. Хочу установить и играть "из коробки", чтобы не наткнуться на сырющий мангос этак где хомяк 300лвл в Бути Бэй, а героик страйк на 1 лвл шарахает по 200, и таланты вообще не работают. Что-то максимально рабочее. Спасибо!
  14. CiJey49

    WoW path

    Hello guys! Sorry if I post in bad location I didn't find the same questions. So my question is the following: What WoW path is the best from point of view questions, skills, events and so on? I just want to play on a server where everything works well like Blizzlike. I think Vanilla because it is oldest WoW path and community had a lot of time to work at this path. But I am not a developer, I am just player. That's why I can't know this for sure. That's why I ask you. Thank you! Sorry for my English!

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