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  1. ----------StatSystem.cpp void Pet::UpdateMaxHealth() { UnitMods unitMod = UNIT_MOD_HEALTH; float stamina = GetStat(STAT_STAMINA) - GetCreateStat(STAT_STAMINA); float value = GetModifierValue(unitMod, BASE_VALUE) + GetCreateHealth(); value *= GetModifierValue(unitMod, BASE_PCT); value += GetModifierValue(unitMod, TOTAL_VALUE) + stamina * 10.0f; value *= GetModifierValue(unitMod, TOTAL_PCT); SetMaxHealth((uint32)value); } If Hunter equip itemset:206 The sepll id:21926 In this func: GetStat(STAT_STAMINA) will take turns get the 2 diffrent value in 3 seconds. So that the Pet`s Health was always changed.

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