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  1. I'll be the first to admit, it was a hack. I just tested your code and it works. Much better than my hack. I'm not at all familiar with the code and to be honest, it has been over 15 years since I wrote any C++...back in my Baldur's gate modding days. However, at least we got the ball moving on this bug.
  2. I didn't feel like trying to figure out why the conversion of ObjectGuid to a UINT32 and then back to an ObjectGuid doesn't work, so instead I just modified this line: ai->ReceiveAIEvent(AI_EVENT_CUSTOM_C, (Creature *)pGo, pPlayer, pGo->GetGUIDLow()); And this case statement: case AI_EVENT_CUSTOM_C: // notify me; @TODO inplement normal ObjectGuid transfer between scripts { if(GameObject *pGo = (GameObject*)sender) NotifyMe(invoker, pGo); /*ObjectGuid guid = ObjectGuid(HIGHGUID_GAMEOBJECT, 0, data); if (GameObject *pGo = this->m_creature->GetMap()->GetGameObject(guid)) NotifyMe(invoker, pGo);*/ break; } Now it works.
  3. m_creature->GetMap()->GetGameObject(guid) always returns null
  4. I have found that when grouped, when that other player is at least level 10, the GM commands that affect the "Selected" unit always return the grouped character, no matter what is selected. I debugged into the code and found that getSelectedPlayer() always returns that 10+ level grouped player even when you have yourself or another player selected. It only happens when grouped. I've dug into the code looking for why, but I have given up.

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