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  1. 我試著將ike3的playerbot整合進去 整合進去後編譯發現C1083 無法開啟包含檔案: 'openssl/evp.h': No such file or directory 請問有人能夠協助嗎? 我openssl用的1.02版本,32跟64bit都已經裝了 I tried to merge the ike3 playerbot into it. after compiling i got , C1083 cannot open the include file: 'openssl/evp.h': No such file or directory need some help here my version 1.02 for openssl, 32 and 64bit are already installed.
  2. Hi, I ported blueboy's aiplayerbot to skyfire 4.0.6 a few years ago, I am currently porting ike3 bots and hope to import them into cata

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