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  1. Currently in Mangos sources it is not clear how to process movement. For example, in my python core (according to my researching of Mangos) server sends next fields to client (on any movement opcode processing): response = player.packed_guid + pack( '<IBI4fI', self.move_flags, # unit movement flags self.move_flags2, # extra move flags Timer.get_ms_time(), self.position.x, self.position.y, self.position.z, self.position.orientation, 0 ) But after sending this player do not move. To be exactly, player's model (which currently incorrect) moves on the same place. I can see animation of moving, but actually player stays in place. Also, when I opens map, I can see players pointer moving correctly (except orientation). Also, I have noticed when SMSG_TIME_SYNC_REQ was not sended on player world entering, then player can't move. Maybe this info will be useful?
  2. Finally I got entering to the World, but currently players model displays incorrect. I passed displayid and native_display_id according to ChrRaces.dbc, but model do not displays in Character info (press C in the client), not displays in character icon frame and I see huge black ugly shape instead of model. BTW sometimes in character info model displays correct. Also, another bug as u can see on the screen - minimap also do not displays. How to fix this ? And the last bug - clock below minimap and repo/xp bars and mana in character frame (left top of the screenshot 2) often do not displays. First screenshot - before Cache dir clearing and second screenshot - after Cache dir clearing. P.S. and one more bug: in Character info name not displays, "Unknown" displays instead. This also need to be fixed
  3. Where can I find the packet for movement position updating ? Currently when I move Player, his coords changes on map (press M in the client), but visually not. Visually Player leaves on the same place. How to fix this ?
  4. Got it! I thought x, y, z are relative coords on current location (currently showing by M pressing), but it seems they are absolute coords (maybe only for continent, like Kalimdor)
  5. As I can see in Mangos sources, PLAYER_BYTES only sets in SpellHandler.cpp. Have I missed something ? Where this field sets for send response as SMSG_OBJECT_UPDATE ?
  6. OK, it seems server should respond with zone id on CMSG_ZONEUPDATE
  7. I'm looks into https://github.com/OregonCore/OregonCore/blob/master/src/game/Object.cpp#L192 and can't understand where zone id sets. Can anybody help me ?
  8. OK, but then what the purpose of InitVisibleBits method of Player.cpp ?
  9. What does it means fields like OBJECT_FIELD_PADDING? Am I need to initialize this fields on player world entering ?
  10. I'm trying to convert fields types in Python. As I can see in Mangos comments in UpdateFields.h, that fields has different types, but what does it mean "type BYTES" ? How much bytes it equals to ? If I set size to 4 bytes (same as INT), this will be correct ?
  11. So, this method is better or worse than using SetPackGUID method ?
  12. Ok. if I understand it correctly, for player world entering I need to initialize all fields from update fields ?
  13. Oh, sorry, my mistake. That line was in file Object.cpp of OregonCore... I have tabs opened of both mangos and oregoncore
  14. This mask should contains zero (by default) for each object field if field do not set or 1 if field has value, isn't it ? For example, for player update mask looks like '0' * player_field_count Am I right ?
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