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  1. Hello Guys!, Happy New Year. My name is Armand and I'm from Romania - Bucharest. I'm a java developer for the last 3 years and since 2 days ago I started a project to create a vanilla private server. So far I manage to Install a version of it from Lights Hope revision from git hub, manage to open the server for public people and started a reading about scripting but right now my main problem is related to information to World Of Warcraft database like Creatures ID, Spells IDS, Effects, Events and for that is quite hard for me. From my point of view I can manage to learn step by step alone all of those above but I would love to join this community and help in developing in the near future or help you guys and myself to create a better vanilla private experience. So far I'm newbish to whats going on but I'm good with C++/SQL and programming languages. PS: If you have any tutorials where to start digging about scripting mobs,events and pathways for mobs and where to research the original work would help me a log. Kind regards, Armand
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