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  1. Hello, i was trying to make the spawning work for mangosVB Two Wotlk, working with the development branch I found if you change in serverTwo/Server/WorldServer/Objects/WS.Creatures.vb Line 441 Update.SetUpdateFlag(EObjectFields.OBJECT_FIELD_TYPE, CType(ObjectType.TYPE_OBJECT + ObjectType.TYPE_UNIT, Integer)) To Update.SetUpdateFlag(EObjectFields.OBJECT_FIELD_TYPE, CType(ObjectType.TYPE_OBJECT + ObjectType.TYPE_UNIT, Single)) If i remember corect from last night :)) There is a type cast problem i think, if you put 0, you will again have spawns If you change to this type,(i know it should be an integer, not floating) you will get loaded spawns, but bugged a little So im thinking is a problem with the packet sending for this particular field, maybe needs to be smaller like int16 or less, or is some other problem, i cannot see at this moment. I know some vb.net, im not a master of this language, but i try my best i love vb.net and wow. On another note, if you are leaving the integer type there, for the adtoworld sub(if i remember the function corectly), when evaluating the get players for that particular map/cell, no player is found, and if you dont get a stack overflow error, no spawns will be added to the world even if you have creatures present on that cell/map( i checked in the code via debuger) Maybe somebody with more experience can help to make this core load spawns corectly. 10x, sry if im posting some stupid question, new to this posting for help thing, usually i dont like to bother other ppl with my problems, but i would like to fix the spawns problem and give this to the comunity so we have a playable wotlk vb core. Big respect for staff and programmers of getmangos projects. Cheers
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