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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently looking into the Spell.dbc file and was wondering if someone could give me a hand in pointing out important areas to be able to help balance out some spells. As it is quite confusing and not at all clear on how each entry interacts with itself and others that it is linked to. For example the Seal of Wisdom spell on how it works with its ranks aswell as how it works with the judgement of wisdom spell. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated as im just starting out and want to learn as much as i can.
  2. Hello, I'm new here though I have dabbled a few times with Mangos Zero and One. I have recently setup a Mangos One server and am playing there with family. My wife and I played WoW from release for nearly 7 years. I'm looking to change as much as I can on my server, quests, npcs, factions, and I want to create new places, towns, hubs, etc. So I may be coming here to ask for some help and advice.

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