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  1. Just to let you know, i copied the mmaps and vmaps and maps folder, from the working VM I had to our server, and now the mobs pathing is now working fine.
  2. Or could I simply copy the vmaps and mmaps folder from my working VM to the server? Or is that not advisable?
  3. I've installed a new WoW Zero instance on a VM running the same OS (ubuntu 16) following your install guide (which we used for our server build as well) I've tested the pathing on that and it works fine. No running through walls - all mobs use doors when running to the agro'd player So I guess something went wrong with our install on our server? Shame as we practiced on our on VM's first and it worked fine and then did it on the server and seems to have the pathing problem, but then i've re-done it again in a VM and it's working fine. Is it possible to run the map extraction part again only, while leaving our characters untouched? The game data extraction seems to be part of a larger script which includes account info as well?
  4. It is all the time, in normal world quests and in dungeons. I'm pretty sure it something we've got mis-configured or the install didn't go quite right rather than particular bugs. Say for example, if you go into Stockades, you've cleared the first ones in the first corridor as they simply run straight up to you as you pull them. You move up to the first rooms and get LoS to the ones closest to the door which triggers agro as you are close enough - the tank runs back to the entrance steps, all the mobs run in a straight line towards the tank, but that takes them through the wall. It happens everywhere, including height differences they just go in straight lines to the agro'd player but LoS seems to still work due to casters running when he hide behind walls/ objects. Please let me know of any things to consider - re-compiling the maps or upgrading the version, of any docs that give steps to this?
  5. Hi, Firstly, many thanks for the hard work and this project has brought great happiness to myself and 4 others that has launched our own private server to run through all the old dungeons like old times. So far RFC, Deadmines and BFD have all been relived. We've been tweaking things and learning a lot so far but I'm stumped on one aspect which I haven't managed to overcome yet. The mobs all run in a straight line through walls and objects once they have been agro'd. LOS seems to work, just the pathing doesn't. I've been searching this forum and trying to understand whenever vmaps and mmaps are mentioned, but I'm still missing the understanding of it. Have I missed any resource I can read further? All the setting in mangosd.conf are on. vmap.enableLOS = 1 vmap.enableHeight = 1 vmap.ignoreSpellIds = "7720" vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 0 DetectPosCollision = 1 TargetPosRecalculateRange = 1.5 mmap.enabled = 1 mmap.ignoreMapIds = "" Any pointers? Or have I missed something fundamental. The WoW client we used is version 1.12.1 (5875), if that has any bearing on this. Thanks in advance for any help.
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