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  1. So I've been looking for a functional Gm/Admin addon for a 1.12 vanilla server but I just haven't been able to find one that actually works. As a last option I ended up testing MangAdmin but it feels really outdated and not everything seems to work (Like the ticket menu, morphs and some teleport locations), I don't know much about coding and I don't know how to make it "OKAY" to use. A lot of people seems to be requesting a 1.12 admin addon and there is none, if you'd like to help the vanilla community I'm sure we would appreciate a decent 1.12 gm addon. Here is a download link if you wanna take a look at it yourself https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-addons/mangadmin/ *All credits to their respective owners* I've been trying to add some stuff and just playing with the code, but as said before I'm pretty clueless I was trying to fix the morph problem and it doesn't seem to be woriking anyways. here is what I was messing with: This code is from MangAdmin.lua from line 1580 to 1592 What I did : (the .morph commands does not exists, it has to be a .modify morph # ) For some reason it worked when I wrote the right command to teleport to the gm island, but it didn't work for the .morph part. If anyone could help me with a quick fix?

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