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  1. You are an amazing human being. I am now able to connect with no issues at all! Thank you so much for your time and I really appreciate your very detailed instructions. I wish you all the best!
  2. Hi everyone First of all, excuse the technical errors in terminology or whatever - I am very new and inexperienced in this! I've been trying to get a local server to work for a few days now. I am able to start mangosd.exe, realmd.exe and the MySQL.bat files. They all seem to be initializing successfully. However when I try to log into my server I get stuck on "Connected" with just the cancel button available. If I press that, I get thrown back into the realmlist. If I don't press it, then after about 20 seconds I get thrown back to the login screen with a disconnected message. The following is what is output to the realmd terminal: [AuthChallenge] Account 'ADMIN' using IP '' is using 'enUS' locale (0) [AuthChallenge] Account 'ADMIN' using IP '' successfully authenticated Any advice on that matter would be greatly appreciated.

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