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  1. I figured it out. Had to go into the DB and change the localaddress to the external ip address. USE yourrealmdb; SELECT * FROm realmlist; UPDATE realmlist SET localAddress='yourexternalIP' WHERE id=1; UPDATE realmlist SET address='yourexternalIP' WHERE id=1; Also update your conf files to reflect the external IP. I think you can leave them I believe. Try the above before you edit the files.
  2. I am now at this step. If I figure it out I will let you know.
  3. So I corrected that issue that you had. It was the mangosd.conf file that had the incorrect password for me. Did you get your issue resolved? Also, connect to your database and do something like SHOW DATABASES; to see what its looking for.
  4. Thanks all. I have built it all out now.
  5. I had that exact issue. Turns out, I thought I had the correct password, but I did not. Used the correct one and realmd and zero/mangosd ran fine. Well after I troubleshot a unknown db error.
  6. Running into an issue when I try to build. I am following this guide: Noticed when it was grabbing packages like ACE and what not from .de, it would fail and skip. However, the install would push forward. I am assuming it found what it needed, but it gave more errors. Then I followed this guide: Finally, was able to get the build up to 97%, but it fails with finding -lACE. Does anyone have any tips? Scanning dependencies of target mangosd [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/AFThread.cpp.o [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/ma
  7. Step 2 wants to you to extract the tar, but you put z for compression. Just a heads up.
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