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  1. line of sight values are way off, the shape of the object actually has a field around it where the line of sight affects. vs casting through corners
  2. patpvp1

    xp vales

    so the xp vales are totally off, a lvl 2 killing a lvl 6-7 is only awarding 20 xp grouped with a lvl 4. this is way off. the actual value of a lvl 2 grouped with a lvl 4 should be 44 xp.
  3. so current mob pathing is chase+attack looped with no interrupt. on classic servers, the chase actually is a separate loop from attack that is on a trigger for out of range. thus if a mob is within range, it will attack. out of range during attack loop causes the mob to chase after a short delay. it looks as though the chase trigger is not looped to the actual speed of the attack but more of a base number on when the out of ranged was triggered. onto pathing! so the mob actually only moves in directions it is facing, it does not path without changing direction first. mobs cannot change direction and path at the same rate a player may strafe which allows players with the same movement speeds as mobs to kite and move faster. for a split second the mob must chose a direction to face and then path. both pathing and chasing are never combined and thus they must move in more or less strait lines. this seems to be due to the chase being equivalent to a sprint/charge feel of the mob being aggravated into attacking. additionally, mobs do not chase players while in the air. jumping causes the mob to chase to previously chosen direction/location/path until the player has been grounded again. mobs also have separate individualized movement speeds on top of all previous stated context. mobs at critical hp values(20% or so) all move as if they are injured aka slowed down to a crawl. roughly 50% as if affected by hamstring.
  4. seems like grounding totem is treated as an mob entity and is given defense skill for some reason. it can dodge, resist. also some spells seem to ignore that it is even there such as searing pain for warlocks. grounding totem should = take 100% normal damage, absorb all spells for a duration of about .5-1.0 seconds. not dodge, block, parry, resist. does not gain buffs or effects. although the spell reads that it absorbs 1 spell. it actually is more of a lightning rod that continues to work for a short while as it absorbs the one spell. spell reflect works the same way in TBC where as the effect can work for all spells rather then just 1 as the effect is being activated and ended. it seems like adding a delay to the removal of the effect calculated based on server tick rate would be the most effective way to replicate it and having the effect be more or less a duration rather then a i/o activation.
  5. so the first thing i noticed was that bosses can actually be reset by distance. checking some server settings i noticed the default distance was 100 yards. also by level a level 60 player, or even 10-20 levels higher should be able to almost touch a NPC's back, so the radius line of sight might have something to do with it as well. idk if this applies to stealth also. first few fixes i would assume have something to do with not having a specified yard distance to reset, however, instead a duration to leave combat. the line of sight for NPC's i'm not so sure about, i'll have to dig around and read more into it.

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