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  1. Hey guys, at first, you are doing an incredible great job by giving us the opportunity to play the (older/old) WoW contents, which Blizzard doesn't support anymore with the help of MaNGOS. Like many others, I appreciate the work you are doing EVERY DAY!!! - by playing WoW 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade on a MaNGOS-Server. Nearly everything is perfect for me, like I said, I appreciate the lot of work which you are investing to make this possible. There is only one thing missing... Sadly, there are no playerbots included in MaNGOS One for The Burning Crusade, which means. that one is not able to do Dungeons, Raids, Group Quests in general or even normal Quests with the bots to have a group feeling - if one has to play alone. On a MaNGOS Server (WoW Vanilla) playerbots are included and so offer the FULL/COMPLETE potential of WoW - even if one has to play alone. I guess, like myself, a lot of users would appreciate if your team would start including playerbots for MaNGOS One Server aswell, for beeing able to do Dungeons, Raids, Group Quests even if one has to play alone - and by doimg so: fullfill/complete the WHOLE WoW EXPERIENCE on your MaNGOS One Server, even if one has to play alone... It's great, that you offer this forum for improvement-advices and I really hope, that your team will decide to really consider including playerbots on MaNGOS One for the Burning Crusade. Personally for myself, that would make your MaNGOS One Server perfectly, since by doing so, it would guarantee beeing able to play WoW 2.4.3 with all possibilities for all times. Like many others, I would be greatefull, if you would reply on my proposal and even more happy, if your team would have inculded the bots one day. THANKS A LOT. AND EVEN MORE THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK SO FAR. - Luke -
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