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  1. Thanks, I ended up following a tutorial on the wiki and i got all the way to the auto builder stage. Now when i use the auto builder i get an error which reads MSBUILD: Only one project can be specified. I found this post answering the question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3779701/msbuild-error-msb1008-only-one-project-can-be-specified I don't understand where to edit this: What file is this in? /p:PublishDir="\\BSIIS3\c$\DATA\WEBSITES\benesys.net\benesys.net\TotalEducationTest\\" I feel like this would fix the problem...
  2. When I try to run mangosd.exe and realmd.exe i get an error prompt that reads "The code execution cannot proceed because LIBEAY32 was not found." Can I download this missing library? What should I do? Sorry i'm new :/

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