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  1. Hello I just launched my brand new server and DB and, I created a new account (default one) from the command line to just take a look. Things seems to be fine, however I noticed that each time I restart the server, the character I made starts with 0 xp, 0 items, etc. Even more, the intro cinematic (as when you create a new char) starts playing. If I exit the game and launch again, progress is saved, so, only when I reset the server the character progress is lost. Taking a look in search of the issue I found this error message when launching mangosd.exe: SQL: SELECT Entry, Text_loc1, Text_loc2, Text_loc3, Text_loc4, Text_loc5, Text_loc6, Text_loc7, Text_loc8 FROM locales_areatrigger_teleport query ERROR: Table 'classicmangos.locales_areatrigger_teleport' doesn't exist >> Loaded 0 locales_areatrigger_teleport Thank you
  2. Finally after a hard day of try-error and learning a bunch of new things I managed to put to work my own server. I know this is just the first step and there is still a lot to learn ahead, but I feel very proud. Thank you Mangos dev team and community, hopefully I can start contributing very soon. You rock guys!
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