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  1. ilinplaya8420

    Extracting Game Data

    ok thanks. although for some reason i never ended up with a realmd.exe or mangosd.exe. Im more confused now then i was before. kinda sucks to because i built a mangos server aout 10 years ago with no issues. not sure what to do from here but none of my folders look like the one you showed in the picture. thanks again
  2. ilinplaya8420

    Extracting Game Data

    i am sorry that still doesnt help, when i downloaded the source code it gave me two folders dbtwo servertwo after i compiled i then had two more folders servertwo_build servertwo_install do i put the maps folders in one of those somewhere?
  3. ilinplaya8420

    Extracting Game Data

    ive extracted all maps for my 3.3.5 build and now i just want to be clear on what folder to move those to exactly? would it be servertwo or servertwo_build?? please help

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