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  1. Unfortunately, I really do not have much experience, but I will do my best. First I have to familiarize myself with the basics because I got my version of MaNGOS from a friend. So I have to find out first which version exactly I have installed and which details are necessary for a proper bug report. I will contact you again if I have read more deeply.
  2. HI, this is my first response/report, so please be gentle with me. I am a complete noob in this whole thing and have to do a lot of homework before I can be a worthy member of this comunity, but I am kind of excited on this particular topic. I noticed the same Herb Node problem in my MaNGOSONE server. I started a Tauren and all along Mulgore and The Barrens there was just one funktional Nod per Herb in both Maps. But as soon as I started the quest "Root Samples" in Ratchet all herb nods were functional. Up too the Point were I had all the roots together. At this point the Nods were unavailable again. So the Herbs are visible and with the active quest collectable, but as soon as you have your questitems together they aren´t longer... I have no idea what to do with this information and still trying to understand the database, but maybe it can help one of you. If I find out something else I will report again.
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    Hello, my name is Lodi. I am currently in the third semester of my studies as an electrical engineer. I am a kind of WoW veteran and so stumbled upon MaNGOS. Since it suits my school professionally, I will now try to get involved in the work on MaNGOS. Unfortunately I do not have much experience in coding yet. My experience so far lies in robot programming, PLC programming and a little Arduino. My mother tongue is German. So much for me. See you in the forum Lodi
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