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  1. Hello, I'm currently starting a new MangosOne server and trying to resolve some of the issues. I'm currently still extracting the maps and installing the server. But my question is , is there a list of wich things arent working properly? this only for a windows build. Cause the github shows alot of linux & mac issues. Thanks in advance, Furioz
  2. This is probably way to late, but if somebody else gets this error. This means that ur extractor tools ( map generator / mmap generator and vmap generator from ur compiled folder . Its in /compiled source/src/tools/ ) Place all those + the tools u find in ur git clone folder . Also in the /tools/ folder. Copy all those into ur WoW Client folder. Then follow the instructions on the readme. Wich is simply start ExtractResources.sh (wich u should have copied in the previous step)
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