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  1. Big thanks for your answer. We are looking to setup pvp realm where players will have the same stuff/spells/level to compete as equal. And this will be from scratch / starting the game.
  2. Hello guys, I'm looking for equipping automatically the items provided by a NPC (Quest) to do like an instant gear function. I was not able to find much documentation on this. Any idea how to do it or where to find such info? Thank you
  3. Okay, I found the way. In fact in the quest_relations, I needed the role 0 and 1. Not only 0. It works now
  4. Hello. I've built a quest with a NPC that will provide 1 item. It works to validate the quest and select the item, but once I have to confirm to take the item, it doesn't work. The button is not doing anything. Any idea where I should check? Thank you
  5. Well....looks like I was doing the modification in the wrong database...(From a testing one I did before haha). No issue, it works
  6. Hello, I'm trying to change the starting points of all new player to Stormwind. With the command .gps in game, I got some info like: Map: 0, zone: 1519, X: -8835 Y: 632 Z: 94 O: 0 I've modified all the records in playercreateinfo in the MySQL database accordingly (Map 0, Zone 1519,...), even restarted the server, but those does not seems to be implemented. Anything I am missing? Thank you
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