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  1. local box = 179697 --wowhead.com/object=179697 local news = 0 local function Lott () local Map = GetMapById(0) --map id local Nam = GetAreaName(2117) --Name of the region local OBJ= Map:GetWorldObject(box) if obj then --If it does, then tell everyone if news = 0 then SendWorldMessage("["..Nam.."] Arrr, Me Hearties! I be havin' some extra Treasure that I be givin' away at the "..Nam.." ! All ye need do to collect it is open the chest I leave on the "..Nam.." floor!") end news = 1 else news = 0 --If it disappears, then it changed to 0 end end RegisterServerEvent(17,Lott) I want to use lua to notify everyone that gameobj has appeared, but there is a problem. local OBJ= Map:GetWorldObject(box) returns nil, It seems that the method of obtaining the object is wrong, but I don’t know what to do Hope someone can help me😭😭😭
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